The school management system is a complete easy to use one stop software for your school, colleges and other educational institutes. SMS & Live is built for school management and administration but also beneificial to the parents, students, teaching and non-teaching staff, and everyone involved in the smooth functioning of a school.

Its powerful feature focuses on helping schools carry out day to day activities more efficiently. For instance, school management can keep all students and teachers attendance record, all students fee record, how many students are in school, how many pay their school fee and hoe many are left. Moreover, with this software, teachers can make exam test as well as they can give live classes to their students (especially in this lockdown period) and they can send any study material to all the students. Last but not least, in this software has automatic routine generation, which create all routine schedule automatically. Also, school can manage all the school buses and its route along with students.

So, the main focus of this is to improve the quality of education and digitalizing the entire schooling workflow. SMS & Live is a one stop solution to manage all school staffs easily, securely and stress freely.