OSS is an Innovative and intuitive SaaS product to improve student results to drive business growth for coaching centers. Nowadays, everyone know, due to COVID-19, all are at home. Every work, school, college, and other educational institute are lockdown. That is why, we have lunched a software called OSS. This software is helping so many students who are doing their schooling, IELTS, PTE, NANNY CARE COURSE, and computer courses.

This software is mainly based on education. In this software, school students can do their home-work at home (especially in lockdown period). This software is providing so many feature to students. For instance, online live class which helping learners to go live with teacher and ask doubt without disturbing any other students, recorded classes, free study material, test &quizzes and many more. Moreover, Students can check their report what they did as well as teacher also can check students report and they can motivate their learners. Last but not least, students can install this application in their mobile phone. So, this software is becoming popular day by day and helping so many students because in this time period (lockdown period) only e-learning is completing students dreams.